Eos Advocacy are a specialist advocacy and support service operating across the UK committed to providing ethical yet high standard low-cost specialist support to families. Fully insured and with all staff local authority safeguarding and CAF trained, Eos Advocacy are the new dawn in quality specialist support.

From supporting parents facing false allegations to acting as experts to some of the UK’s leading legal firms, Eos Advocacy are committed to providing the highest level of service.

Whilst advocacy and support services cannot provide legal advice, our team of experts can assist you with understanding the relevant legislations to help you to make the most appropriate decisions to secure the best possible outcome for your family. In addition, through working alongside the UK’s leading professionals and support groups, we can ensure that you receive exemplary support.

With an impressive case history of successes, particularly in regards to false Fabricated or Induced Illness allegations or complaints processes, the team at Eos Advocacy are widely acclaimed for their skill sets and experience therefore are often asked to speak in the national media regarding their work alongside other leading UK professionals and are listed on the independent experts lists for notable legal firms and charities.