• False allegations of Fabricated or Induced Illness (Fii)
  • Education
  • Complaints processes
  • Children’s Act proceedings
  • Private family law

Advocacy, Complaints Processes and Emotional Support

As experienced advocates, Eos Advocacy are able to assist you in understanding the relevant legislation applicable to your circumstances and the pathways available to you in order to make best endeavours to secure your desired outcome. This might be in relation to making a complaint against a local body, employer or school, public or private family law proceedings or clearing yourself of a false allegation in relation to your child or children. We also take referrals from professionals conducting independent investigations to assist their clients with advocacy and emotional support so that a truly independent investigation can be maintained.

Specialist Fabricated or Induced Illness (Fii) Allegation Support

The team at Eos Advocacy are renowned for their expertise in false allegations of Fabricated or Induced Illness, a very rare form of child abuse, often being asked to speak in the national media on the matter. These allegations are increasingly being seen when a parent makes a complaint against a local authority, hospital, or seeks additional support for their child. In addition, these false allegations can arise from domestic abuse and if you are a parent of a child suffering from a rare disease or with special educational needs. Frequently targeted conditions are autism, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, ME, CFS, Epilepsy and gastrointestinal issues. Many rare disease families also find themselves under scrutiny due to the difficulty of diagnosis or perplexing presentation until diagnosed. Whilst we cannot litigate for you, we can assist you in ensuring you fully understand the applicable processes, provide emotional support, signpost you to other leading professionals we work with and to try to assist you in achieving the best possible outcome for your family. This includes opposing care proceedings, adoptions and appeals.


We work with a network of the UK’s leading professionals to ensure that you have access to the highest standards of professional advice and resources to assist you.

Expert Services

Eos Advocacy Ltd are on the experts list for several of the UK’s leading legal firms as well as subject to request to speak as experts in the field of Fabricated or Induced Illness for the national media.

McKenzie Friend Services

We undertake a small amount of remote McKenzie Friend work in relation to initial family court applications and statement writing including emergency ex parte hearings. We do not undertake fact findings or bundle preparation.