Our team are located in Hampshire, Derbyshire and Hertfordshire but cover the whole of the UK remotely.

Emma Louise

Emma Louise is a prominent speaker in the national media in regards to rare disease and false allegations of Fabricated Illness or Induced Illness. This includes contributions to the BBC consisting of both radio appearances and online articles. Highly experienced in complaints processes and private family law, Emma Louise has a history of securing successes against local authorities as well as achieving success in a child-focused manner within private family law proceedings for individuals. As a sufferer of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and a committee member for Autoinflammatory Disease UK, Emma Louise is well-versed in rare diseases and their everyday impact.


As a highly trained individual within the finance sector Nicky ensures the smooth running of Eos Advocacy as well as heading up cases. Having won a case at the Royal Courts of Justice, Nicky specialises in appeals including opposing adoptions. She is well-respected by barristers and peers for both her conduct and the family focused care she provides to parents, particularly providing advocacy and emotional support during independent investigations. Her wealth of knowledge combined with her experience helps secure the best possible outcomes for families. Nicky has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.


Jojo is a trained counsellor who is an experienced agony aunt within the media. Via Jojo Eos Advocacy are able to offer exemplary support services to individuals making her an integral part of our team. Full of life and passion for people, she is committed to making a difference to people’s lives and helping them effectively work through the challenges they are facing. Jojo received a diagnosis of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome in 2014 after a lifetime of previously undiagnosed symptoms.