Ehlers-Danlos Support UK

Ehlers-Danlos UK are the UK charity supporting those suffering with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Eos Advocacy are proud to be listed on their website for child protection support.

Professor Andy Bilson

Professor Andy Bilson, Emeritus Professor of Social Work, is a leading UK academic. His current research focuses on the overemphasis and exaggeration of risk in the child protection system and the increasing separation of children from parents through adoption and care.

Autoinflammatory Disease UK

Autoinflammatory Disease UK are the UK’s leading autoinflammatory disease support patient group working closely with the worldwide rare disease community.

RCGP Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Toolkit

The Royal College of General Practitioners EDS Toolkit sets out the latest thinking in EDS, including the new approaches to diagnosis and treatment.